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We at gymSkins® have concentrated our efforts on development and design to come up with an innovative product based on simplicity in style and use. We cut out the frills and put the emphasis on performance. Our aim is to help you “Get a Grip” on your workout by efficiently utilizing energy and effectively distributing strength.
During the development of our product we emphasized the importance of designing gymSkins® to offer value to a complete range of customers at all levels of intensity.

Allows the hand to breath and avoids having to touch equipment.
Cushions and contours, reducing calluses and pain in the palm.
A firm grasp leads to controlled movements, improving muscle isolation.
Less pain in the fingers and palm allows to handle heavier weight.
Less fatigue in hand increases repetitions per set.
Focus energy and power on the mucle being exercised.
Overcome training plateaus maximizing the potential of each movement.
gymSkins' comfort & grip allows the user to focus more energy on isolating and stimulating the muscle being exercised. I recommend its use for strength training and physical therapy. There are noticeable differences in strength and endurance when you workout with them.
John Gallucci, Jr., MS, ATC, PT, DPT
Medical Consultant Major League Soccer and USA Wrestling
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